Skincare Tools - Complete Box Set

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Elevate your self-care beauty rituals with our Jade quartz Gua Sha & Roller Set, by promoting an immediate lift and smooth complexion. 


1 x Gua Sha Jade Quartz 

1 x Roller Jade Quartz 

1 x Gift Box

1 x Luxury Postcard (Add Note at checkout to your order)


Most commonly known as the "Eastern Botox Tool", our Gua Sha reduces puffiness, promotes anti-aging, flushes out tissues via lymphatic drainage, and more.  By gently using the Gua Sha you are increasing blood circulation, decreasing muscle and jaw tension, and helping to move the lymphatic fluid while giving your complexion an immediate lift and glow. Although slightly more abrasive than using our Facial Roller, the Gua Sha leaves no marks on the skin when paired with your face oil of choice.


Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, the facial massage roller has been used to help improve blood circulation and elasticity of the skin.  Crafted from pure Jasper Dalmatian stone, the roller boosts collagen production, improves the benefits of our face oils and flushes out toxins via lymphatic drainage for a smoother-looking complexion. With a rolling-pin like functionality, it is gentle, cooling, and effective. 

 Note: Colour will vary with each Gua sha and roller as it is made from natural stone.

NO Pegs, Phenoxyethanol, Artificial Fragrance