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Pellis Medispa

Age Immune Serum

Age Immune Serum

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Anti-ageing Immunity serum delivers visibly younger looking skin.  It is designed to slow down the biological clock and lighten age spots on the skin. 

It's key ingredients are:

Immune Repair Complex - which activates the immune system, which plays a key role in repairing damaged cells

Immune Complex - this patented complex protects cells responsible for the skin's immune system and youthful appearance (Langerhan cells) and cellular cohesion

Hyaluronic acid- which is a water binding molecule 

Rambutan Leaf extract - stimulates the synthesis of elastin fibres, and promotes their correct assembly for a stronger and denser matrix network

56 Cellular Ingredients - patented ingredient which stimulates cellular regeneration providing the elements to cellular life and development

Stabilised Vitamin C - helps brighten pigmentation irregularities, adds radiance to the skin and helps fight against free radicals.

Apply 2 pumps to the entire face and neck after cleansing and apply your prescribed moisturiser on after. 

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