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Pellis Medispa

Age Logic Eye Serum

Age Logic Eye Serum

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This amazing formulation is perfect for your eye contour reducing puffiness, wrinkles, smoothing and reduces eye fatigue.  Apply the Age Logic Eye cream on top for more enhanced results.

Encapsulated ATP: biological energy to stimulate cellular vital functions.

Actinergie: increases cellular oxygenation and stimulates cell metabolism.

Cellular Life Complex : 56 biological actives essential to skin cell regeneration.

Hydrocyte Complex: moisturises and binds water to cells and replenishes dehydration lines.

Eyeliss: combats puffy eyes and heavy eyelids.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Apply at night onto the eyelids and eye contours. Using the fingertips smooth the product from the inner corners toward the outer corners. Can be used as a treatment course.

15ml dropper (one drop per eye contour)

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