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Blue Pearl Weight Loss

Blue Pearl Weight Loss

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The Blue Pearl weight-loss, trans-dermal patch, is not about dieting or deprivation. You eat the foods you normally eat (obviously excluding sugar and junk food) and you will lose fat from all over your body, and off the scales, using this nature-based skin patch. 

The better your food choices are the quicker you will lose weight. You will have no real appetite and no strong desire to eat. And an amazing side effect of the unique ingredients is that you will feel very calm, relaxed, happy and energetic. When you do eat you will only be able to eat a small amount. So, at all times only eat quality food. 

How quick to work:

As this is a nature-based formula, being all natural and not a drug, the ingredient will take 1-2 days to really kick in. This will give you time to adjust and get into the right head space - because once it really kicks in you will not be able to overeat. You wear 2 patches the first week. 

The Blue Pearl Patch Gets Stronger:

The longer you wear the patches, and the ingredients flow into the bloodstream the most intense the results will be. Your appetite will diminish so that while you will certainly feel like eating at mealtime you will only be able to eat a tiny amount - compared to the week before. So, eat healthy to keep up your energy levels and emotional health balance. Natural health is all about balance on all levels. 

The longer you wear the Blue Pearl also your feeling of knowing you will achieve you goal will get you stronger, no matter how long it takes, and there is no rush, you will get there!

Never Eat:

Sugar and trans fat are poisons and stimulate your body to manufacture and store fat. So cut out sugar laden foods like lollies, chocolate snacks, biscuits, cakes, pastry, potato chips, deep fried foods etc. 

Do Eat:

Any fresh vegetables, salads, legumes, potatoes, fruit and berries. Breads, eggs, butter, cheese, meat, wild caught fish, turkey, chicken. Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, rice, sushi, sandwiches. 


As you diet the fat cells (which are full of toxins) empty. The toxins are released through breath, urine, waste and sweat = fat loss.

You may/may not experience some of the following mild symptoms as you lose fat and therefore detox. It all depends on your past diet/eating habits. If excess in salt, sugar, alcohol or junk (trans fat) foods you will detoxify. Which your body will thank you for later by you feeling very well, energetic, calm, and happy ongoing - once the toxic fat has left the body. 

The patch ingredients will not cause any negative symptoms; the following comes from your cells releasing fat and their toxic contents. Again, you may not experience any of these, but if you do, they are temporary. 

Some symptoms that can be experienced are: 

Sore throat, mild diarrhoea, constipation, aches and pains, itchy rash, tiredness, bad breath, thirst, headaches, flu like symptoms, change in sleep patterns. 

Keep Hydrated:

Essential to help get rid of the fat coming from the cells is to drink small sips of water often, or full glasses is you like water. Always have a bottle of water with you. 


Any exercise is good exercise, so do a little each day. Walk, run, swim, yoga, dance, pilates, lift weights etc. 


You will urinate more often while on the patch (especially at first) as your body is stimulated to release excess trapped fluid, and as fat empties out of your fat cells

What age can use The Blue Pearl Patch:

Any age or gender can use.

Will it interfere with my medication or contraception:

No, it is totally safe. No side effects. 

Can I use when pregnant or nursing:

The patch ingredients won't hurt you in either instant but when you are pregnant you should not diet. You need all of your nutrients for a healthy baby. When you are nursing yes, you can use the patch if you want to, though again you do eat more to create milk when nursing and feeding two humans. 

Directions for use:

Will be emailed to you when you place an order, and it is ready to ship. 


Once you attain your goal weight you can wear one patch for a week, even two weeks if you want to. For as long as it stays on the skin. The ingredients will dilute/weaken as the time progresses. You can miss a week or two if you want to. 

Some people only wear the patch for a few weeks in this maintenance stage, then not for several months. You can find your own groove. Even after attaining your goal weight the patches are a great support system to use if you wish


Please be advised that no information is to construed as medical advice, any therapy or products provided is in no way intended to replace formal diagnosis or treatment by medical health care practitioner. Results vary from person to person, and we cannot guarantee outcomes.

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